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Immix Contracting is family-owned and operated by Joe and Jasmine Hawken.  Both are life-long residents of Burlington, Ontario with extensive roots in the community including extended family and close personal connections to a wide range of third-party partners whenever specialized equipment or skills are required on a jobsite.  We continue to expand with new faces, new equipment and an ever-expanding range of job experiences.

Joe Hawken

After the completion of both a Bachelor of Arts Degree and the Police Foundations Program, Joe worked in New York City as a Special Events Coordinator specializing in large-scale fundraising promotional campaigns for corporate and not-for-profit foundations including NYU and the Mac Angels Foundation. Returning home after a year abroad, Joe joined a local landscape construction company where he quickly gained experience and knowledge before striking out on his own.

Jasmine Hawken
Jasmine grew up in a family that owned and operated a large-scale construction company in Burlington for over 50 years. This provided her with a unique opportunity to work behind-the-scenes where she developed a strong background in the operational-side of the commercial construction business including sales and marketing, accounting and general management. Over the years, Jasmine also has been known to climb into backhoes and other heavy equipment to lend a hand and help get the job done! She is a licensed property realtor and continues to grow her real estate practice in the Burlington area.  Click here for more information.

About the word "IMMIX"
IMMIX is an old Middle English word meaning "to mix together different elements." 

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