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Grading, Trenching and Excavation

Grading is the process of sculpting the earth to create a smooth landscape that is both pretty and functional.  A well-graded property channels water and precipitation away from certain areas such as the foundation of a home, a pool, or a garden. It levels the ground for both appearance and surface drainage purposes. If necessary, irrigation valleys and trenches are incorporated into the design whenever heavy run-off is possible. 

Immix Contracting has a full range of grading, trenching and excavating equipement to complete any residential or commerical project including a backhoe, excavator, bobcat, skid steer and various project equipment such as stone forks, auger, compactor and more.  We can set landscape grades and install drainage systems, dig foundations, do backfill jobs, and perform both demolition and major clean-up work.  For very specialized projects, we also work closely with a variety of qualified contractors to manage larger projects for you.

Give us a call and let us take care of all your grading, trenching and excavating, work!

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