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Grass Seed and Sod
Once the landscape is graded, it must be protected from erosion.  One of the most effective solutions is sod which is grown on professional farms and cut into rolls. Whereas seeded lawns take time to mature and develop strong roots structures which hold the earth in place, sod is immediate.  It is much stronger than seeded lawns because it is mature, thick, and grown professionally using the best soil, fertilization and watering methods.  Sod already has extremely developed root structures which grow right into the graded soil.  It also provides an instant and beautiful lawn for you to enjoy.

If you have a new property, or one that needs a serious refresh, your brand new sod lawn is closer than you think!

Here are the steps we take to ensure you end up with the healthiest new lawn:
• Your existing lawn is removed with a sod cutter or a bobcat loader to ensure that all remnants of the previous lawn (and weeds!) are removed.
• The land is surveyed and all rocks and pebbles are raked out to prepare for grading.
• A rough grade is completed to shape and slope the ground using rakes and heavy equipment for an initial leveling to serve as a foundation and base as well as to to channel water run-off in specific directions.
• With the rough grade complete, a layer of triple mix and topsoil is added. An adequate amount must be added to ensure that, once the sod is installed, it will be flush with walkways and driveways.
• The top layer is smoothened out with grading rakes to set the final grade before the sod is installed. Ideally the soil is left to settle for a short period of time to identify any settling or problem areas.
• When it is time for sodding, fresh sod is used from local farms to ensure it is fresh, healthy and compatible with your landscape. Sod is installed in a brick-work pattern to ensure the strongest lawn possible.
• On large slopes, sod staples are often required to prevent sod rolls from sliding in the case of a heavy rainfall before the roots have properly taken.
• Sod is immediately watered to set it into the subsoil. 
Once the installation is complete, you will be provided with a maintenance schedule to provide the best chance of successful transplant.  We are available for touch-up in the case of unforeseen settling or damage specifically related to the installation, but you are responsible for the schedule including watering, fertilizing, weed and insect control as required to ensure your new lawn is well-established and looks beautiful for years to come.

Contact us for more information including advice, options and optimal times for lawn and sod replacement. We are here to help, and we love a healthy and green lawn as much as you do!
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