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Landscape Design
Landscaping and Landscape Design is more that just looking at an outdoor space and deciding where to put a few plants.  It's about "creating spaces" that reflect your personality and your style, then balancing your ideas with the physical space, natural light, terrain and your budget to develop a workable plan. 

Today the possibilities are endless.  Outdoor living rooms, pools, fountains, pagodas, fences, patios, decks, winding paths, trees, plants, gardens and so much more are all within the realm of possibility. It can almost be overwhelming, but we are here to help!

Our Design Process

• The first step is for you to dream.  Really!  Attend some garden shows.  Look through magazines and newspapers.  Explore websites.  Try to collect some ideas about what you might like to do with your outdoor spaces including a priority list of "must-have" and "nice-to-have" which will help in the early design stage.
Contact us to arrange for a free consultation.  We will come in and spend some time with you to discuss your ideas and to help you narrow down some options.  When possible, we will try to give you some very rough "ball park" figures to help you in the early design making process as well as some general estimates for the time required. 
• The next stage is a more formal consultation in which sketches and drawing are produced and research is done based on materials, availability, and expected costs.  There may be a small fee involved in this process depending on the time and work required on our part, but we will advise you ahead of time.  Generally this is only required in large projects where special research or materials are required to help offset our time costs.
• We will advise if there are any special building permits, applications or inspections required.  We are able to help direct you in this process, but generally it us up to the homeowner to manage this part of the project which is often one of the most time consuming elements. 
• At the end of the formal consultation, you will be provided with a detailed plan which is yours to keep as well as a formal quote including a proposed timeline and schedule of payments.
• Once the quote is approved and all paperwork is in place, we will begin the process of sourcing your materials and getting to work!

2D and 3D Design Rendering, Building Permit Designs

We are pleased to offer the ability to provide professional 2D or 3D conceptual design drawings showing your project rendered from various angles including the possibility of a work-through video as well as Building Permit Designs.  We work closely Gelderlands Landscape Design based in Burlington, a company that specializes in landscape and property graphic design.  Check out some of the samples of project work we have done together.

Sample PDF Rendering
Gelderlands_Immix_SamplePlan.pdf (976 KB)

Sample 2D Rendering

Rendering Rendering Rendering

For more information about Gelderlands Landscape and Property Graphic Design, please visit:

At the end of the day, a well planned outdoor space will enhance your property value and provide you with new areas to relax and spend time with the people you care about. We will work with you to help balance the options available with your preferences and your budget to create functional, pleasing and enhanced outdoor living spaces.
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