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Retaining Walls
Historically, retaining walls were used simply to hold back earth and water from creeping into specifically defined physical areas such as walkways or driveways.  Today, they are increasingly used to add definition and natural beauty to yards, gardens and outdoor spaces. They can also serve as a centerpiece and visual focal point to draw-in visitors to a specific location while highlighting certain aspects of gardens and designs, especially when natural armour stone is incorporated into the layout.  A well-planned design will transform an outdoor space visually and functionally while also improving drainage and ground water diversion.

There are a wide variety of natural and formed building materials available on the market today including natural stone, cement blocks and poured cement in an endless spectrum of colours and textures to match your needs and preferences. 

We will work with you to help balance the options available with your preferences and your budget to help design retaining walls that are functional, pleasing and enhance your outdoor living spaces.
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